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Carbon & Water Footprinting

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Accounting and reporting of environmental data has become one of the key indicators to demonstrate a company’s sustainability performance. Establishing and managing your company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory (also known as a carbon footprint) enables you to understand the nature of carbon emissions relevant to your business activities, and is often considered the key element to wider environmental data management.

At RESET, our team of qualified Carbon Audit Professional (CAP) works closely with you to advise on a proper scope and depth for your carbon, energy and water use inventory in order to meet your reporting, planning or communications needs.

International Standards

We help companies establish environmental inventories with reference to internationally recognized methodologies:

And to fulfill particular reporting requirements:

RESET Carbon’s experts help your company establish an environmental data inventory that put into perspective the relations between your corporate energy use, business conditions and your carbon emissions. 

Sustainability Data Management Platform

Our partner, Envizi is a global, cloud based software platform that distils complex sustainability and energy data into powerful insights. Formerly known as CarbonSystems, Envizi is a globally recognized provider of sustainability and energy accounting software.

With a solution offering that spans sustainability, energy and carbon management, the company had amassed a global customer base of some 120 enterprise organisations with a combined 60,000 locations in 112 countries by 2013.


  • Establishment of corporate GHG Inventory (carbon footprint), ready for disclosure
  • Bespoke data collection protocol and training, allowing your in-house team to generate and track your footprint from time
  • One-off or regular analysis of carbon intensity and emission hotspots and trends
  • Topline carbon reduction and management recommendations based on data analysis and employees interviews
  • Environ