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Corporate Services

Energy Management

Energy efficiency assessment and management is a crucial component to any sustainability program, as energy use tends to account for a major part of corporate carbon emissions. Assessing corporate energy use and improving efficiency is the key to cutting costs while reducing carbon.

RESET’s engineering team has a long track-record in facility energy assessment and management for corporations in Asia-Pacific. Whether your facility is a rented office, warehouse, manufacturing site, retail or catering outlets, our technology-independent energy services can show you how to achieve sustained costs saving and carbon reduction, prioritizing measures with quick payback, easy implementation and lowest disruption to operations. 


Energy Assessment / Energy Audit

  • In-depth assessment and measurement of energy systems performance in terms of hardware quality and operations efficiency
  • Detailed menu of actionable energy & carbon reduction measures with ROI analysis
  • Briefing and ‘ground truthing’ of assessment results with client technical or facilities teams

Continued Energy Management

Following the energy assessment, as a true one-stop shop we offer implementation services based on the identified retrofit or upgrade needs, budget and capacities of your business.

  • Planning and prioritization of energy reduction opportunities
  • Project management of management of multiple, sequenced activities, including management of subcontractors as appropriate
  • Detailed design and commissioning of specific engineering solutions.