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Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability has become a key indicator of corporate efficiency, performance and potential of growth in many markets. Companies looking to improving their environmental performance are faced with many tough questions: What sustainability indicators are relevant to us, our markets, and our stakeholders? How to engage the company as a whole in the journey? Do we really get commercial advantage out of being more sustainable? What can we reasonably achieve? How long does it take? At what costs?

At RESET, we make sure we understand your needs, goals and commercial priorities to help you find the right answers to these questions. Prioritizing approaches that tackle energy, water efficiency and carbon performance, we ensure our consultancy work delivers both short term costs savings and long term competitive advantage.


  • Market review and peer benchmarking of corporate sustainability performance in target sector and region
  • Sustainability target setting (using relevant key performance indicators, like energy and carbon intensity) and implementation strategy, with economic analysis and costs assessment
  • Employees engagement strategy driving the delivery of sustainability goals
  • Tailor-made sustainability briefings or training for executives or marketing staff
  • Communications strategy, for example, PR activities, the use of Carbon Disclosure Project and other international reporting framework.