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RESET & Annex Power Partnership: Integrated Energy Efficiency & Renewables Packages

31 August 2014

RESET has agreed a strategic partnership with Annex Power, one of SE Asia’s leading renewable energy developers based in Thailand.  RESET and Annex will collaborate on the development of integrated energy efficiency and renewable energy packages. Together, energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions such as solar PV can deliver carbon reductions of over 60% compared with baseline for many facility types.  In particular, light industrial facilities with large amounts of roof space, significant power loads and an eye on their carbon emissions will benefit both financially and reputationally from integrated energy efficiency and renewables solutions.

‘We believe many of our customers are ready for competitively priced, scalable solar PV solutions alongside our core energy efficiency offering’, said RESET CEO Liam Salter, ‘ in the right locations, energy efficiency + solar PV can now replace a significant share of grid load with payback periods attractive to Asian manufacturers and corporations.’

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