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RESET's Growth in South East Asia

12 November 2014

RESET has recently established a new office and legal entity in Thailand as part of our SE Asian growth strategy.  This is a reflection of a couple of things – a maturing corporate perspective from leading companies within SE Asia, rising energy prices and a supply chain push from western brands in some sectors.  We looked carefully at a number of different locations for cementing RESET’s SE Asian presence and selected Thailand because of the potential size of its internal market as well as its excellent location for supporting customers in other countries around the region.
As our customer base matures we have in particular recognised a need to bring our engineering services closer to our SE Asian customers factories and facilities.  Thailand has a strong domestic energy engineering skills base, including engineers with an industrial as well as commercial background, which we can deploy both in Thailand itself and across the region.  What’s more, Thailand also has a strong solar power community which is increasingly eyeing the solar rooftop market, which we believe combines well with RESET’s core energy and environmental management solutions.
Step-by-step, we are realising our vision of building an Asia-grown international energy and environmental services firm.  Building on our Hong Kong – Thailand networks, partnerships and skill centres, we hope to add new markets in SE Asia to our infrastructure in the coming years. 

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