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VF Corporation: Supply Chain Sustainability

Client says:

"RESET provides us with insightful and innovative strategic support coupled with a robust approach to solving technical problems on the ground. RESET’s understanding of the supplier perspective helps to strengthen the commercial benefits of VF’s approach. We expect to continue working with RESET as we deepen the work with our supplier base."

Sean Cady, Vice President, Product Stewardship and Sustainability, VF Corp.


VF, as the world’s largest apparel company, faces a range of sustainability related opportunities and challenges in its supply chain.  The complexity of the issue is compounded by the range of brands under the VF banner, each supplying garments to different consumer markets with differing values and expectations.

RESET is supporting VF develop an approach to sustainability that prioritizes the areas of greatest impact and explicitly seeks to deliver commercial benefits to both VF brands and suppliers, alongside improved environmental performance. 


RESET’s ability to deliver both strategic advice and on-the-ground technical support has allowed us to provide a range of different services to VF Corp., including:

  • Identification of priority areas of engagement within the VF supply chain and analysis of the value proposition of improved supply chain sustainability
  • Development of new ‘Value Partnership’ concepts and approaches for engaging suppliers and consultation with suppliers on VF thinking
  • Benchmarking of VF performance on sustainability issues
  • Analysis of opportunities for energy savings
  • Technical support in the development of data collection tools
  • Facility-level energy and water efficiency assessment