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Central Textiles: Higg Index Assessment and EMS Development

Client says:

"RESET’s work with key brands and suppliers in the region has built them textiles industry expertise. Their work linking the buy side and sell side serves a bridging the gap role for the industry."

Pat-Nie Woo, Director of Central Textiles Group.


Believing in the triple-bottom line business model, and having already implemented various energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives since 2008, leading Asian supplier Central Textiles decides to become one of the first suppliers in the industry to carry out self-assessment with the launched Sustainable Apparel Coalition Higg Index 1.0 to reflect their sustainability performance and use the score to communicate with brands.

The Higg Index is a sustainability tool designed to assess the environmental and social impact of apparel and footwear products, aiming to dramatically reduce sustainability measurement redundancy and create a common means to benchmark performance in the industry. 


With RESET, Central Textiles carried out a gap analysis on its Hong Kong fabric mill’s performance using the Higg Index beta version supplier facilities module. Gaps identified between the actual performance and that required to meet Central Textiles’ desired Higg Index score were addressed through the implementation of sustainability measures, including putting in place an ISO14001 environmental management system and energy targets. Central Textiles contracted RESET to assess data integrity and scoring of the facility’s performance against the launched version 1.0.

Key services provided:

  • Facility performance gap analysis against Higg Index beta
  • ISO 140001 compliant EMS development
  • Data validation and verifications
  • Scoring assessment against Higg Index 1.0
  • Communications support