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Everest Textile Co.: Product LCA Database and Facility Energy Assessment


As a leading Taiwanese high technology textiles supplier, Everest Textile Co. has a strong belief in the sustainability business case and recognizes the value in using sustainability as a tool to manage and enhance client relationship. RESET is engaged to help develop a series of energy and carbon services to help Everest further improve and differentiate. 


RESET identified product LCA carbon database to be an important differentiator for Asian supplier, and that Everest has high potential to further boost environmental performance through energy efficiency.

After on-site energy assessment, RESET’s engineering team helped identify remarkable saving opportunities across major production systems at Everest’s Tainan facility. System renovation opportunities (like cooling tower, compressed air system, gas demand investigation etc.) with detailed technical solutions have been suggested and metering and data management solutions analysis conducted.

The LCA team helped analyzed a portfolio of Everest products (6 fabrics) to deliver the cradle-to-gate LCA carbon and water footprint, which Everest can use as base data of the company’s internal LCA database. The database consists of more than 400 sets of life cycle data. Emissions hotspots in each product’s life cycle have also been identified and communications training was provided to key staff to ensure that the company can effectively differentiate itself using the LCA data.

Key Services Provided:
  • Cradle-to-gate Product LCA of 6 textile products
  • Detailed energy assessment with actionable saving opportunities identified and feasibility studies conducted
  • Foundation of metering has been set up for future quantification of saving
  • Communications and staff training support