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H&M: Suppliers Carbon and Energy Services

Client says:

"H&M selected RESET because of their sector specific experience and willingness to develop a service tailor made for H&M’s needs. Our suppliers’ feedback expressed a very high degree of satisfaction with RESET’s services."

Jonah Wigerhall, Sustainability Project Leader, H&M.


In 2012 H&M developed an energy efficiency programme with selected suppliers. RESET was asked to create a tailor made set of services to help suppliers build internal capacity and formulate clear action plans to deliver energy savings. At the launch of the program, RESET was nominated as “preferred service provider” with service solutions designed to meet H&M suppliers specific needs. 


Suppliers invited by H&M to participate in the programme are located in mainland China and Cambodia. The facilities varied in size and level of maturity in facility energy management. To ensure that most of them will be able to meet the target while realizing costs savings, RESET has developed 2 streams of energy and carbon services: an energy efficiency mentoring program in China and an on-site energy assessment and strategy programme in Cambodia respectively. .

Energy Efficiency Mentoring 12 suppliers in China participated in the programme which involved 3 days of training on the business case and economics of energy efficiency and technical sessions exploring energy efficiency opportunities in apparel factories. Participating suppliers came out of the training session with finalized action plans to deliver their targets.

On-site Energy Assessment & Strategy:  Designed for larger factories, this programme included an energy assessment and energy management strategy support. The latter focused on presenting the financial analysis of energy efficiency opportunities identified and proposed priority of implementation. Participating factories also submitted actions plans to H&M as a result of the programme.

Key services provided:

  • Facility personnel energy & carbon training
  • On-site energy assessment and financial analysis
  • Suppliers action plan mentoring and finalization