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A Leading High-technology Fabric Manufacturer in Taiwan: Supply Chain Energy Management

Client says:

"We valued the RESET team’s on-site engineering expertise and familiarity with the fabric mill engineering context. We also believe that RESET’s independence from specific technology means that they can provide effective impartial advice regarding appropriate technical solutions, working with our preferred local contractors."

Vice President of Client’s Principle Production Site.


As a top high-technology textiles supplier in Taiwan and with annual production capacity of 96 million yards and annual energy consumption of almost 19 million USD (570 million TWD), a site spanning 53 acre and 3,100 full time employees, client seeks help to systematically improve energy efficiency and unlock advanced saving opportunities. RESET’s team is engaged to provide expert service to both identify and assist implementation of saving measures.


From in-depth systems-specific analysis:

Estimated savings identified from thermal systems: 664,000 USD/year (20,160,000 TWD/year) from a total of 13 measures

Payback: 8 months

Estimated savings identified from compressed air systems: 314,500 USD/year (9,552,000 TWD/year) from a total of 5 measures

Payback: 20 months

Overall savings opportunities identified: 978,500 USD/ year

Overall estimated investment payback: 12 month

Saving potential as % of annual energy consumption: 5%

From expert review of factory energy systems:

55 measures proposed to client, of which 33 (60%) were adopted for immediate or phased implementation by client.

Annual energy costs saving of 1,893,000 USD (57,336,000 TWD)  calculated by client, representing 10% annual saving.


a snapshot of some proposed energy saving measures from our Expert Review of the factory
A snapshot of some proposed energy saving measures from our Expert Review of the factory

As client has a strong in-house engineering team, RESET’s energy team proposed a tailor-made service that consists of a rapid expert review of the site, conducted in parallel with in-depth analysis of selected systems for which client’s in-house team lacks technical expertise to identify, plan and implement saving measures. Throughout the process, RESET’s experts provided on and off-site consultation, research, feasibility review and trouble-shooting support to client’s team.
A 4-day walk-through of the site was carried out, upon which the expert review of the facility’s energy and water use, compressed air systems, dyeing processes and waste water systems identified 55 low-hanging fruit energy saving measures (relatively easy and quick to implement) covering maintenance improvement, operational changes to retrofits and installation of new systems. Client has successfully planned and implemented 26 of the measures by themselves after discussions with our team.

In parallel, our experts prepared an in-depth analysis of 3 areas of improvement: heat balance mapping of the factory’s thermal demand, compressed air system optimization and the improvement of energy metering systems. As client is a fabric mill with significant energy use in the dyeing processes, we mapped out the heat demand of the factory (covering major heat consuming equipment), unlocking 13 saving opportunities through improved heat utilization and residual heat utilization rate in the steam system, dyeing processes and condensate recovery, etc. with an aggressive 8 months payback. Study of the compressed air system identified 3 major further improvement measures focusing on differentiated zoning of air pressure and compressor and cooling tower retrofits that would deliver an estimated annual saving of USD 315,000(TWD 9,552,000), with a 20 months payback.
The metering and energy data management study set up the foundation of metering for client’s future quantification of savings.

To support our analysis, feasibility study and local contractor reviews were carried out to facilitate adoption of the measures.

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