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Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

RESET is one of Asia’s leading commercial product footprinting specialists. 

Life-cycle assessments (LCA) quantify the carbon and water footprint of a product, a technology or a service’s across its entire lifecycle, from raw materials extraction, manufacture and distribution to its end use and disposal.

In the global supply chain context, LCA can be used to credibly demonstrate the product’s environmental advantage against current industry norms or historical baseline.

RESET has one of the most established track-record of LCA projects in Asia, from “cradle to gate” and “cradle to grave” single product LCA analysis to portfolio of products LCA database. Our project references include:

  • TAL, non-iron shirt
  • LEE Rethink
  • Leo Paper, paper card
  • Yagi, recycled yarn
  • Wah Fung, fabric produced using Cold Pad Batch efficient dyeing process
  • Esprit, recycled garment line
  • Everest textiles, life cycle fabric database
  • Hippo group, small power battery

Our LCA services allow brands, suppliers and service providers to:

  • understand energy and water hotspots in the entire life cycle of their product
  • credibly demonstrate and differentiate the carbon / energy / water efficiency of their product through comparative analysis with baseline products in the industry
  • continue to estimate carbon and water footprint of a portfolio of products with an in-house LCA database

International Standards:

We apply internationally recognized product LCA standards, such as ISO 14067, Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard or PAS 2050 in our LCA service.


  • Facility-level data collection and proxy data research and compilation
  • Life-cycle footprint report and presentation of selected product or portfolio
  • Comparative analysis against baseline products
  • Recommendations for product improvements
  • Communications support
  • 3rd party verification support
  • Labelling application support (E.g. for issue of Carbon Reduction Label by Carbon Trust, UK )